Press Releases Submission Guidelines

Telecompaper is an independent publishing, research and consulting company. We target, collect and publish the latest data about the telecom industry. If you would like your company's news to be considered for publishing by Telecompaper, please send us a press release. Please note that many press releases cross the editors' desks every day, and only a certain number can be selected to appear in our publications.

Please consider the following guidelines to increase the possibility of having your news story published:

  • Press releases should preferably be in English and 250 to 500 words long. For our Dutch segment, we also appreciate press releases in Dutch language.
  • It is advisable to send your press release by e-mail, to limit the time span between the release and time of publishing by Telecompaper.
  • Be sure to give your full company address, as well as the name of your marketing manager and her/his details: email address, telephone, and fax number please.
  • Consider also that Telecompaper has a special section dedicated to one or various categories of products.

Please send all the material to:

E-mail newsdesk@telecompaper.com

Calendar   /   Industry Events

25 Sep European Microwave Week
26 Sep Sivers Semiconductors capital markets day
26 Sep Telenet analyst meeting
26 Sep Ericsson briefing on Vonage, Global Network Platform
26 Sep Ooredoo Capital Markets Day
26 Sep ITU Plenipotentiary Conference
26 Sep Report: Dutch Consumer Multiplay Market 2022-Q2
27 Sep TD Synnex fiscal Q3
28 Sep MWC Las Vegas
29 Sep Bango H1
29 Sep Micron Technology fiscal Q4
29 Sep NTT IR Day
29 Sep Telefonica Metaverse Day
01 Oct India Mobile Congress
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