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05-Dec-2023 Fastweb debuts SME-oriented cybersecurity service News
01-Dec-2023 Fastweb to hike landline prices by up to EUR 4.49 a month from Jan News
29-Nov-2023 Fastweb backs Pescara tree-planting project News
28-Nov-2023 Sky Italia to launch mobile offer with Fastweb in early 2024 News
27-Nov-2023 Fastweb eyeing Vodafone Italia bid - report News
27-Nov-2023 Last week in telecom: Altice, Tele Columbus get help from Morgan Stanley; Germany faces investment crunch Background
20-Nov-2023 TIM agrees Trebaseleghe 10Gbps FTTH build News
17-Nov-2023 Fastweb offers 3 free months, launches Sinner-backed ad campaign News
17-Nov-2023 Vodafone heads Italian fixed network ranking, WindTre in download speed News
17-Nov-2023 Vodafone tops Italian mobile speed ranking in Q3, TIM in 5G News
16-Nov-2023 WindTre Q3 sales down 3% to EUR 980 mln, extends grid sale deadline News
15-Nov-2023 Iliad Italia starts offering FTTH plans in 'white areas' News
14-Nov-2023 Italian FTTH rollout plan tops 20,000 connected schools News
13-Nov-2023 TIM begins Brugine 10Gbps FTTH build News
09-Nov-2023 Fastweb unveils ChatGPT-powered virtual assistant News
02-Nov-2023 Fastweb revenues accelerate to 10% growth in Q3 News
01-Nov-2023 TIM to invest EUR 2 mln in Nerviano FTTH build News
30-Oct-2023 Fastweb plants another 1,000 trees and shrubs in Milan News
30-Oct-2023 Fastweb partners 'Digital Meet 2023' and 'Startup Marathon' events News
27-Oct-2023 Fastweb confirms 'smart working' deal with unions News
27-Oct-2023 Genoa Data Internet Exchange officially launched News
26-Oct-2023 WindTre and TIM top Italian mobile market in Q2, Iliad nears 13% and MVNOs hit double figures News
26-Oct-2023 Italian landlines fall below 20 mln in Q2, FTTH up 200,000 to 4 mln News
20-Oct-2023 Former Fastweb chief Calcagno named CEO of Ardian-backed Dedalus News
20-Oct-2023 Fastweb awarded gender equality certification News
19-Oct-2023 TIM starts EUR 1 mln Limena FTTH rollout News
17-Oct-2023 Italy's AGCM lowers operator '28-day billing' fines News
12-Oct-2023 Infratel Italia fibre plan nears 20,000 connected schools News
10-Oct-2023 Fastweb sponsors and connects MIA 2023 industry event News
09-Oct-2023 Fastweb revamps customer services app News
03-Oct-2023 Fastweb offers cash for phones in 'Mobile Re-Generation' scheme News
03-Oct-2023 Virgin Fibra offering 1Gbps fibre for under EUR 25/mth News
02-Oct-2023 Renna takes over from Calcagno as Fastweb CEO News
26-Sep-2023 Fastweb to partner Milan Digital Week 2023, offer workshops and free courses News
22-Sep-2023 Italian operators sign up to new telesales code of conduct News
21-Sep-2023 Fastweb to shut down community Wi-Fi service News
19-Sep-2023 Sky Italia cuts gigabit fibre to under EUR 20 for pay-TV subs News
18-Sep-2023 Fastweb outlines university and school projects News
14-Sep-2023 Fastweb offers free Morocco and Libya calls, texts and data until 31 October News
13-Sep-2023 Fastweb debuts eSIM service News
12-Sep-2023 Infratel fibre project connects 19,300 Italian schools News
30-Aug-2023 Italy's Council of State upholds operator '28-day billing' fines News
30-Aug-2023 Fastweb adds 50GB to entry-level mobile plan, launches ad campaign News
29-Aug-2023 Sky Italia discounts standalone fibre to under EUR 25 for 12 months News
23-Aug-2023 Fastweb backs Milan dramatic arts festival News
11-Aug-2023 Sky Italia offers fibre for under EUR 20 a month with Sky TV or Sky Glass News
08-Aug-2023 Virgin Fibra cuts gigabit broadband to under EUR 25/mth News
04-Aug-2023 Fastweb launches cloud platform for edge applications News
03-Aug-2023 Fastweb Q2 revenue up 4%; EBITDA declines as costs widen News
27-Jul-2023 Sparkle to create new IXP at Genoa data centre News
25-Jul-2023 Italian FTTH lines up 250,000 in Q1 to 3.8 mln News
25-Jul-2023 WindTre and TIM lead Italian mobile market in Q1, Iliad up to 12.6% News
25-Jul-2023 Fastweb adopts Qwilt edge CDN to boost streaming News
21-Jul-2023 Italian telecom revenues down over 3% to under EUR 27 bln in 2022 News
19-Jul-2023 Fastweb reaches 100K Digital Academy users News
18-Jul-2023 Sky Italia cuts gigabit fibre cost to under EUR 25 for 12 months News
14-Jul-2023 Infratel Italia FTTH plan tops 19,000 schools News
14-Jul-2023 Italy's Virgin Fibra inks deal to access Fastweb's FTTH network News
10-Jul-2023 Fastweb leads Italian mobile speed ranking in H1 News
10-Jul-2023 Fastweb picks HPE GreenLake to upgrade 'Fastcloud' business unit News
05-Jul-2023 Iliad Italia expands fibre coverage to over 10 mln homes with Fastweb FTTH News
03-Jul-2023 Fastweb unveils 'eco-friendly' recycled plastic SIMs News
29-Jun-2023 TIM to bring 10 Gbps FTTH to Piedimonte San Germano News
29-Jun-2023 Fastweb giving away 100GB extra a month to selected clients News
23-Jun-2023 Fastweb waives fixed network charges for flood-hit clients in Emilia-Romagna News
23-Jun-2023 Italian operators' night-time frequency switchoff not impacting quality - study News
21-Jun-2023 Fastweb to be technical sponsor of Milan Pride 2023 News
19-Jun-2023 Fastweb partners Genoa Ocean Race finale News
19-Jun-2023 Fastweb promotes mobile offer with new sporting stars-backed ad campaign News
16-Jun-2023 Sarmi elected head of Italy's Asstel until 2025 News
13-Jun-2023 Italy reaches 18,800 FTTH-connected schools News
13-Jun-2023 Cerchi named Fastweb Legal & Regulatory Affairs Officer News
13-Jun-2023 Fastweb sponsors Milan wakeboarding festival News
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