O2 Spain

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23-Mar-2023 O2 Spain offers free Netflix and Amazon voucher for fibre subs News
17-Mar-2023 Spanish FTTH lines up 90,000 to 13.8 mln in January, led by Digi and MVNOs News
08-Mar-2023 O2 Spain latest to activate IPv6 on mobile network News
03-Mar-2023 O2 Spain to hike price of basic convergent plan by EUR 3 News
27-Feb-2023 Digi dominates Spain mobile net adds in 2022 News
21-Feb-2023 O2 Spain offers new fibre subs pay-TV promo News
23-Jan-2023 O2 Spain adds tablets to device catalogue News
19-Jan-2023 Spaniards port over 550,000 mobile lines in November, Vodafone sheds 17,000 News
19-Jan-2023 Spanish FTTH lines up 93,000 to 13.7 mln in November, led by Digi and Masmovil News
22-Dec-2022 Spain ports over 560,000 mobile lines in October, hits 50 mln mobile internet lines News
22-Dec-2022 Spanish FTTH lines up 97,000 to 13.6 mln in October, led by MVNOs and Masmovil News
07-Dec-2022 O2 Spain joins connectivity voucher scheme for vulnerable groups News
24-Nov-2022 Spain ports over 590,000 mobile lines in September, MVNOs gain 57,000 News
24-Nov-2022 Spanish FTTH lines top 13.5 mln in September, led by Digi and Masmovil News
07-Nov-2022 O2 Spain phases out entry-level 100Mbps convergent plan News
07-Nov-2022 O2 Spain confirms 5G activation for all clients News
04-Nov-2022 O2 Spain launches 'smartphone rental' catalogue News
31-Oct-2022 Spaniards port over 500,000 mobile lines in August, led by MVNOs News
28-Oct-2022 Spanish FTTH lines up 80,000 to 13.4 mln in August, ADSL lines dip below 1 mln News
21-Oct-2022 O2 Spain launches EUR 35 convergent plan with two mobile lines News
12-Oct-2022 Telefonica finalises migration of Tuenti to O2 Spain News
05-Oct-2022 O2 Spain hikes fibre speed to 1Gbps in non-competitive areas News
30-Sep-2022 Spaniards port over 486,000 mobile lines in July, led by Digi News
30-Sep-2022 Spanish FTTH lines up 60,000 in July, led by Telefonica and Masmovil News
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