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Date Title Type
27-Mar-2023 Rostelecom to invest in Novosibirsk News
23-Mar-2023 Rostelecom expands LTE network in Kaliningrad region News
23-Mar-2023 Rostelecom to merge consumer fixed and mobile businesses News
23-Mar-2023 Rostelecom expands mobile, fixed networks in regions News
22-Mar-2023 Rostelecom covers Agroros Bank units with Wi-Fi in Saratov News
22-Mar-2023 OMP updates Aurora Centre to replace foreign EMM software News
21-Mar-2023 Rostelecom-Solar launches new service for monitoring external digital resources News
20-Mar-2023 Rostelecom continues regional network extensions News
20-Mar-2023 Russian VoD market up 17% in 2022 News
17-Mar-2023 Rostelecom drops plans to sell Armenian subsidiary News
17-Mar-2023 Rostelecom expands LTE network in Karelia News
16-Mar-2023 Rostelecom connects schools in Chelyabinsk, Bryansk News
16-Mar-2023 Rostelecom to act as single contractor on renewal of state IT systems News
16-Mar-2023 Rostelecom Armenia opens new shop in Yerevan News
15-Mar-2023 Rostelecom launches unified network management centre for West Russia News
14-Mar-2023 Aquarius starts production of PDAs powered by Aurora OS News
14-Mar-2023 Rostelecom expands LTE coverage in Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk regions News
13-Mar-2023 Rostelecom launches new advertising platform News
10-Mar-2023 Rostelecom expands mobile network in Archangel News
10-Mar-2023 Rostelecom provides Novosibirsk govt with private cloud News
09-Mar-2023 Rostelecom reports growing popularity of warranty service in Moscow News
08-Mar-2023 Rostelecom expands LTE network in Komi News
08-Mar-2023 Russian OTT video market growth slows to 5% in 2022 News
08-Mar-2023 Rostelecom expands LTE network in Kaliningrad region News
06-Mar-2023 Rostelecom expands GPON network in Kirov region News
02-Mar-2023 Rostelecom expands fibre network in Samara region News
02-Mar-2023 Rostelecom expands backbone network in Yamal region News
01-Mar-2023 Rostelecom starts joint promo with air carrier Aeroflot News
01-Mar-2023 Rostelecom-Data Centre opens new unit in Moscow News
28-Feb-2023 Rostelecom connects 47,000 schools to filtered internet network News
27-Feb-2023 Russian operators slow expansion of long-distance networks in 2022 - study News
27-Feb-2023 Rostelecom expands LTE network, connects outpatient clinics News
21-Feb-2023 Rostelecom, Rostec call for import tariffs on SIMs, network equipment News
21-Feb-2023 Rostelecom expands LTE coverage in Karelia, Chuvashia News
20-Feb-2023 Rostelecom continues network expansion News
16-Feb-2023 Rostelecom, DIS Group to develop corporate data management services News
16-Feb-2023 Rostelecom expands networks in Yaroslavl, Trans-Baykal News
15-Feb-2023 Rostelecom expands networks in regions News
13-Feb-2023 Rostelecom expands Wi-Fi networks in Dagestan schools News
10-Feb-2023 Gazprom mulling acquisition of Megafon - report News
10-Feb-2023 Rostelecom launches RUB 10 bln bond issue News
09-Feb-2023 Rostelecom expands mobile networks in villages News
08-Feb-2023 Rostelecom connects schools, arenas, expands networks News
08-Feb-2023 Rostelecom continues internet training programme for seniors News
08-Feb-2023 Rostelecom, VK, Elari present co-branded smartwatch News
08-Feb-2023 Rostelecom brings mobile network to Karelia villages News
08-Feb-2023 Rostelecom launches MVNO for state company KSK News
06-Feb-2023 Rostelecom planning RUB 10 bln bond issue News
06-Feb-2023 RTK-Solar provides cyber security services to Magadan govt News
06-Feb-2023 Rostelecom expands LTE coverage in Altay, Primorye News
06-Feb-2023 Rostelecom offers protection from spam calls to customers using PBX News
06-Feb-2023 Last week in telecoms: tech giants face slower sales, Samsung goes premium, TIM gets new takeover offer Background
03-Feb-2023 Russian military purchases Aurora-powered tablets News
01-Feb-2023 Rostelecom connects outpatient clinics, schools News
01-Feb-2023 Rostelecom expands LTE network in regions News
31-Jan-2023 Rostelecom expands fixed, mobile networks in regions News
30-Jan-2023 Rostelecom-Data Centre to cooperate with IBS News
30-Jan-2023 Rostelecom, VTB Group found JV for regional infrastructure News
30-Jan-2023 Rostelecom eyes acquisition of Megafon - report News
27-Jan-2023 Rostelecom expands video-surveillance system in Volgograd News
26-Jan-2023 Rostelecom connects sport arena, schools News
25-Jan-2023 Rostelecom expands networks in Astrakhan, Tomsk News
24-Jan-2023 Rostelecom starts video surveillance for online shop Leader Group News
23-Jan-2023 Rostelecom expands network in Kirov, connects schools in Krasnoyarsk News
23-Jan-2023 Rostelecom expands networks in Vladimir, Chukotka and Kamchatka News
20-Jan-2023 Rostelecom revenues rose in 2022 - CEO News
19-Jan-2023 Rostelecom connects schools, expands network in Archangel News
18-Jan-2023 Chukotka ISP to introduce wireless broadband in Chukotka News
18-Jan-2023 Rostelecom expands network in Blagoveshchensk News
18-Jan-2023 Russia to soon start producing IP-cameras News
17-Jan-2023 Rostelecom starts public Wi-Fi on trams in Nizhny-Tagil News
16-Jan-2023 Russian companies to develop local mobile operating system News
16-Jan-2023 Rostelecom connects schools in St Petersburg, expands network in Chelyabinsk News
13-Jan-2023 Rostelecom expands services in regions News
12-Jan-2023 Rostelecom creates subsidiary to develop data management tools News
12-Jan-2023 Rostelecom expands fixed, mobile networks News
11-Jan-2023 Rostelecom concludes RUB 11 bln contract for e-govt services News
11-Jan-2023 Rostelecom expands broadband access for 70,000 households in Stavropol News
10-Jan-2023 Rostelecom wins tender on internet services for schools, polling stations News
09-Jan-2023 Rostelecom expands fixed, mobile networks in regions News
06-Jan-2023 Google News unavailable in Russia News
04-Jan-2023 Rostelecom switches mobile operators to fibre links in Chukotka News
03-Jan-2023 Rostelecom expands LTE network in Komi News
29-Dec-2022 Rostelecom switches to local server suppliers News
29-Dec-2022 Rostelecom expands network coverage in Yamal, Tambov News
29-Dec-2022 ER-Telecom, Rostelecom, Ufanet offer highest broadband speeds in Russia News
28-Dec-2022 Rostelecom to hold off disclosing financial results until end of international sanctions News
27-Dec-2022 Rostelecom signs cooperation memorandum with St Petersburg municipality News
27-Dec-2022 Rostelecom expands network in Penza, Mordovia, Kursk News
27-Dec-2022 Megafon connects base stations to fibre in Chukotka News
27-Dec-2022 Rostelecom subsidiary acquires cybersecurity company News
23-Dec-2022 Rostelecom expands PON network in Komi News
23-Dec-2022 Russian govt backs 70 local software development projects News
23-Dec-2022 Rostelecom expands corporate subscriber base in Mari El beyond 4,500 News
23-Dec-2022 Rostelecom expands services in Krasnodar, Udmurtia and Trans-Baykal News
21-Dec-2022 Rostelecom expands mobile coverage in Rostov, Buryatia, Siberia News
21-Dec-2022 Rostelecom expands broadband coverage in regions News
20-Dec-2022 Rostelecom starts connecting customers to broadband in Chukotka News
20-Dec-2022 Rostelecom launches Nvidia cloud gaming tariff plan News
20-Dec-2022 Rostelecom delivers for Gazprom subsidiary call centre News
19-Dec-2022 Rostelecom expands network in Samara, Saratov, Novgorod News
16-Dec-2022 Rostelecom signs contract with Yadro on base station production News
16-Dec-2022 Rostelecom builds sub-sea backbone from Kamchatka to Chukotka News
15-Dec-2022 Tele2 Russia offers device discounts for unused minutes News
15-Dec-2022 Rostelecom to provide Kazan with software, hardware for road monitoring News
13-Dec-2022 Rostelecom expands broadband network in Kirov, Samara News
12-Dec-2022 Rostelecom expands network, user base in Volgograd, Ingushetia News
07-Dec-2022 Rostelecom sets up new LTE base stations in 16 villages in Udmurtia News
06-Dec-2022 Rostelecom expands LTE network, data centre services in regions News
06-Dec-2022 Rostelecom expands Wi-Fi, GPON networks News
05-Dec-2022 Rostelecom expands networks in Primorye, Yamal, Belgorod News
05-Dec-2022 Rostelecom places RUB 10 bln bond News
02-Dec-2022 Rostelecom does not plan to operate in newly-occupied regions of Ukraine - CEO News
01-Dec-2022 Rostelecom expands networks in Ivanovo, Penza regions News
30-Nov-2022 Rostelecom expands networks in Kemerovo, Kursk News
30-Nov-2022 Rostelecom-Data Centre and Croc sign partnership agreement News
30-Nov-2022 Rostelecom connects Samara Ice Arena News
29-Nov-2022 Rostelecom expands fixed and mobile networks coverage in regions News
29-Nov-2022 Tele2 Russia expands fixed broadband coverage News
28-Nov-2022 Rostelecom expands regional fibre and mobile networks News
24-Nov-2022 Rostelecom expands network coverage in Altay, Lipetsk News
23-Nov-2022 Rostelecom expands mobile, fixed networks in regions News
23-Nov-2022 RTK-Solar starts cybersecurity services for water company Rosvodokanal News
23-Nov-2022 Rostelecom expands LTE coverage in Chuvashia, Voronezh News
22-Nov-2022 Rostelecom passes 8 apartment buildings in Orlov with fibre News
22-Nov-2022 Rostelecom implements Russian business automation platform Sherpa RPA News
18-Nov-2022 Rostelecom plans to spend RUB 480 bln on national mobile ecosystem based on Aurora OS News
18-Nov-2022 Rostelecom expands mobile coverage in Tver, Pskov News
16-Nov-2022 Rostelecom to develop own base stations, MPLS switches, routers News
15-Nov-2022 Rostelecom expands mobile network in Vologda region News
14-Nov-2022 Rostelecom connects new corporate customers News
14-Nov-2022 Rostelecom expands mobile coverage in Krasnoyarsk, Khakasia News
11-Nov-2022 NTR to develop LTE, GSM equipment News
10-Nov-2022 Rostelecom applies for state support for Wink online video service News
09-Nov-2022 Rostelecom adds campaign management to PBX service News
09-Nov-2022 Rostelecom introduces wholesale VPN service News
08-Nov-2022 Rostelecom expands mobile coverage in Kaluga villages News
04-Nov-2022 Rostelecom expands fibre coverage in villages News
02-Nov-2022 RTK-Solar expands cybersecurity services for agricultural company Sodruzhestvo News
02-Nov-2022 Rostelecom expands LTE network in Komi News
02-Nov-2022 Rostelecom launches tech support line for corporate customers News
01-Nov-2022 Rostelecom brings smart home services to Blagoveshchensk News
31-Oct-2022 Russian govt, Rostelecom agree changes to digital divide programme News
31-Oct-2022 Rostelecom-Data Centre starts service management cooperation with Softline News
31-Oct-2022 Rostelecom starts major fibre upgrade in St Petersburg News
30-Oct-2022 Rostelecom upgrades backbone line in Yamal News
27-Oct-2022 Rostelecom starts services for Kuzbassradio News
27-Oct-2022 Rostelecom says no plans to launch Aurora smartphones News
27-Oct-2022 Rostelecom expands networks in Dagestan, Altay News
27-Oct-2022 Rostelecom, Tele2 Russia to conclude forward contracts for local equipment News
27-Oct-2022 Rostelecom expands Wi-Fi networks News
26-Oct-2022 Rostelecom opens data centre in Murmansk News
26-Oct-2022 Rostelecom expands mobile coverage in Ryazan News
26-Oct-2022 Rostelecom signs state hosting contract worth RUB 8 bln News
26-Oct-2022 Rostelecom-Data Centre to cooperate with Merlion News
24-Oct-2022 Rostelecom to deploy data centre in Armenia News
24-Oct-2022 Rostelecom provides services for health-care entities News
21-Oct-2022 Rostelecom expands network in Kabardian-Balkaria News
21-Oct-2022 RTK-Solar launches new product for corporate development News
20-Oct-2022 Rostelecom starts virtual data centre service for Ekoniva, connects G-Drive Arena in Omsk News
19-Oct-2022 Rostelecom expands, upgrades mobile, fixed networks in regions News
19-Oct-2022 Rostelecom to sell IP cameras at Citilink News
19-Oct-2022 MTS pays most taxes among Armenian telecom operators News
18-Oct-2022 Russian operators face up to 50% higher costs to build 5G networks with local equipment News
18-Oct-2022 Rostelecom expands networks in Novosibirsk, Altay News
17-Oct-2022 Russian govt recommends against foreign messaging apps in schools News
17-Oct-2022 Rostelecom Armenia offers broadband pack with 500 Mbps News
17-Oct-2022 Rostelecom wins RUB 1.7 bln in state contracts News
17-Oct-2022 Rostelecom expands fibre network in Belgorod, Tver News
14-Oct-2022 Rostelecom expands smart home services in Rostov, deploys networks News
13-Oct-2022 Rostelecom JV acquires MediaSniper News
12-Oct-2022 Rostelecom launches new convergent packages News
12-Oct-2022 Tele2 Russia offers month's free trial of online education service Liceum News
10-Oct-2022 Rostelecom expands mobile network in Kostroma region News
07-Oct-2022 Rostelecom expands mobile, video-surveillance networks News
07-Oct-2022 Rostelecom to close all of its shops in October News
07-Oct-2022 Russian operators to order first local base stations by year-end News
06-Oct-2022 Rostelecom expands network in Pervouralsk, Yamal News
05-Oct-2022 Rostelecom, Axenix to develop corporate data management services News
05-Oct-2022 Beeline launches customer service app for Aurora OS News
04-Oct-2022 Rostelecom inks digital cooperation deal with Gatchina municipality News
03-Oct-2022 Rostelecom, state investors co-found centre on biometric technologies News
03-Oct-2022 Rostelecom starts services for Surgut power station News
30-Sep-2022 Rostelecom expands mobile coverage in Kaluga, Archangel regions News
29-Sep-2022 Russian radio institute tests own LTE base station with Rostelecom News
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