We have been keeping professionals in the telecommunications industry up to date since 2000. By writing daily news about the international telecoms market, by gathering data about a wide range of subjects and by creating different kinds of reports for a large number of clients, our databases are brimming with information.

Our researchers and editors each have their own specific fields of expertise, specialising in different aspects of the telecommunications industry. Depending on the input needed, we call upon their expertise to help with doing research, answering customer questions or writing background articles and commentaries. For more information, please take a look at the individual biographies.

Below you can find a list of the different data sources which are at our disposal.

Consumer Insights panel

With the Telecompaper Consumer Insights panel you get unique consumer insights:

Dutch FTTH Database

Telecompaper keeps track of the Dutch FTTH market on a daily basis. We zoom in on all initiatives in the Dutch market, providing daily news updates and a complete database with all FTTH projects.

International MVNO List

The Telecompaper Mobile MVNO List is a fairly comprehensive listing of MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) and mobile SPs in the world today, as well as relevant news. Only announced, launched or rumoured ventures are named on this page. Where possible, the defunct or purchased entities are...

Telecompaper Handset Database

The Telecompaper Handset Database provides a unique overview and insight into all the mobile phones and smartphones released since 1999 and technical details on all the most important tablets launched since 2010.

Word of Mouth

In 2014 Telecompaper introduced the WoM score, a score that indicates the positive word of mouth (WoM) from customers for a certain provider or handset. The WoM score is based on the NPS market research question and adds up the scores of 8, 9 and 10*. WoM scores are available for four topics: mobile...

Benelux Media Expenditure

Get information about the media expenditure of your competitors in the Netherlands. We monitor all the marketing activities of telecom providers, retailers, equipment makers and content providers.

Data Source - No longer offered

The following list of data sources are no longer offered

TP: Telecom Stock Index Europe

The TP Telecom Stock Index Europe is calculated on a weekly basis. It contains the vast majority of publicly traded telecoms stocks with activities on the European markets. Our benchmark is the general EuroStoxx 50 index. The stocks are weighed based on their market capitalisations at the end of...

NPS monitor

Using data from our Consumer Insights-panel , we can provide an overview monitor of NPS, customer reasons and churn information. The monitor is available both online via a dashboard and as a PDF report. The latter also includes explanations and context for the results.

Telecompaper Datasheets

Telecompaper has compiled datasheets of a large number of companies which are active in the national and international Telecom, Media and Technology sectors in Western Europe.

EU Mobile Pricing database

Telecompaper collects data on all mobile postpaid plans offered by Western European mobile operators. The EU Mobile Pricing database offers a unique insight into trends in pricing for mobile voice and data plans and associated handset and value-added service offers. Whether you're looking for a...

Why our clients chose Telecompaper

1. Unique Sources

Over the years we have built up multiple unique sources of information we can use.

2. Customized

We understand your specific business needs and can provide you with customized information.

3. Independent

As a company we operate independently and objectively.

4. Specialized

By our unique focus on the telecommunications industry, we have become specialists in this particular field.

5. Quick results

Using our multiple data sources we are able to quickly provide you with te requested information.

6. Accurate

Our experienced researchers and editors are trained to work fast and accurately.