A list of all MVNO / SP and news about these companies in the world. You can suggest corrections or additions using our online form. Only announced, launched or rumoured ventures are named on this page.

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019 Telzar

MVNO | Networks: Partner Communications | Services: prepaid | Targets: International call traffic | Status: Active


MVNO | Networks: Pelephone | Services: postpaid | Targets: Business | Status: Active

Cellact provides SMS, USSD and Voice products for mobile operators around the world. Cellact’s solution are currently installed in more than 50 mobile operators. Our products allow the mobile operator to offer new services to its customers – business or private users. The company has a subsidiary in Romania and also operates a local MVNO in Israel. Our MVNO allows us to rapidly test products and perfect them to meet the requirements of the end user. Cellact was established in May 2000.

Free Telecom

MVNO | Networks: Pelephone | Services: postpaid | Targets: Business | Status: Active

Brand from X2One

Rami Levy

MVNO | Networks: Pelephone | Services: pre + postpaid | Targets: Retail | Status: Active

Belongs to supermarket chain Rami Levy


MVNO | Networks: Cellcom Israel, Golan Telecom | Services: pre + postpaid | Targets: No frills | Status: Active

018 Xfone launched a new mobile operator under the brand ‘We4G’ which entered the mobile market in April 2018 and has network sharing agreements with Cellcom and Golan Telecom,

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