By collecting data from various sources, such as our Consumer Panel and Mobile Tracker, we are able to continuously track short and long term trends in the telecommunications market. With this information we compile different kinds of reports about various subjects, spread out across different markets and countries. This research can provide you with the data you need to support your business.

These reports come in various shapes and sizes, such as research briefs, quarterly reports, competitive updates, promotions updates and regularly updated company profiles. Subjects covered are, for example, the Dutch FTTH market, the pricing of mobile packages across Europe, the pricing of broadband in Western Europe and international roaming habits.

Below you can find a complete list of the research reports we have published. If you need a customized answer, please consult the Custom Research page.

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Roaming report February 2015

24 Feb 2015 - ROAM2015 - Report - Sanne de Bruyckere - Mobile

In January and February 2015 35,000 of Travelling Connect's most active end-users / frequent flyers were invited to fill out the survey. Over 700 users completed the survey. Frequent travellers were asked, amongst other things, about their roaming experiences, their opinion about roaming costs inside and outside their region and experiences with WiFi when travelling. The results are split according to the travellers' region of origin: Asia (Pacific), Europe and the Middle East. ...

Roaming Report

05 Jun 2013 - RSM2013 - Report - Ed Achterberg - Mobile

This report is based on online survey among 800 frequent flyers. In the month April 2013 15,000 of Travelling Connect's most active end-users / frequent flyers were invited to fill out the survey. The report included the following insights, split per regio (Asia, W-Europa, E-Europe, Middle, East and Rest of World): which communiciation is used when abroad, it data roaming switched on or not and what are the reasons. Do you think the provider is clear about roaming and how would you usage ...

Need for Speed 2013

02 May 2013 - NFS2013 - Report - Kamiel Albrecht - Fixed, Internet

This report investigates the possibilities of DSL, HFC, PON and P2P fibre to meet expected consumer bandwidth demand for 3-5 years. It starts with a discussion of some of the public models and studies that are frequently referenced when discussing future bandwidth demand. After reviewing the bandwidth requirements of various types of internet services, we then develop our own usage-based demand forecast. In the second part of this report we assess four main access technologies' ability to ...


02 Nov 2012 - RB21235 - Brief - Tim Poulus - Fixed, Internet

BTGS is BT's largest division in terms of revenues, which were down on most fronts for the last quarters. Its EBITDA margin was up and its operating profit turned positive, but free cash flow remains low. Order intake is still weak. BTGS had its fourth CEO appointed in four years in September 2012, Luis Alvarez. He faces ongoing tough market conditions. BTGS's strategy appears to have crystallized along three main pillars: combining telecoms and IT, follow-the-customer to new markets, and focus ...

Facebook IPO: plenty growth opportunities left

06 Feb 2012 - RB21209 - Brief - Tim Poulus - Internet

Facebook has confirmed its long-awaited IPO with the filing of a preliminary prospectus with the SEC. The filing gives a profile of a quickly growing and highly profitable company. The company aims to raise USD 5 billion in the sale of shares. The market value of the company is still unknown, as it has yet to set a price for the shares, but market rumours suggest a valuation of USD 75-100 billion. In this Research Brief, we examine Facebook's operational performance and take a look at some of ...

Net Neutrality

15 Nov 2011 - RB21133 - Brief - Tim Poulus - General

Net neutrality is a complicated subject, and in this Research Brief, we consider some of the concept's implications. We also look at some of the reasons why operators may resist net neutrality regulation. The mobile internet is largely left out of this Brief, due to the different characteristics of mobile networks and because the mobile internet, mostly based on apps, differs considerably from the fixed-line based internet experience and ...

Global Connected TV 2011

12 Apr 2011 - CTV2011 - Report - Tim Poulus - Broadcast, Internet, Satellite

Our Global Connected TV 2011 report ('An Operator Guide to Connected TV') provides an overview of the next-generation TV market dynamics. Connected TV is 'where broadcast meets broadband' and provides the end-user with an enhanced TV experience. We take a look at the different flavours of Smart TV or IPTV 2.0, as it is often called, and examine the value chain. Drivers and inhibitors are put side by side, as are the threats and opportunities for cable and telco operators. Finally, we have ...

Defining Connected TV

18 Mar 2011 - RB21108 - Brief - Tim Poulus - Broadcast, Internet

What constitutes 'Connected TV'? Aren't all televisions in one way or another connected anyway? And if one hooks up a computer to the TV, does that effectively create a Connected TV? But if a broadband connection is essential, is all IPTV then equal to connected TV? To make matters worse, different manufacturers use different monikers for what appears to be the same. Hybrid TV is used as a term, or 'web augmented TV' (NSN). Intel talks about 'Smart TV' and Netgem pushes 'IPTV 2.0' to describe ...

Marketing of handset manufacturers declines 42% in 2010

30 Dec 2010 - rb21042 - Brief - Bram Semeijn, Ed Achterberg, Erik Compter - Mobile

Smartphone makers such as Apple, RIM and HTC are gaining ground worldwide and on the Dutch market on more traditional handset producers like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG and Motorola. This Research Brief describes the marketing spending of handset manufacturers linked with their handset sales in the Netherlands. As will be shown above-the-line spending of handset manufacturers only partially reflects the tenedencies of their handset ...

FTTH networking: Active Ethernet versus Passive Optical Networking and point-to-point vs. point-to-multipoint

17 Nov 2010 - RB21036 - Brief - Tim Poulus - Fixed

There are two broad choices for FTTH networking, based on the choice of topology and technology: Active Ethernet (AON) over point-to-point (p2p) networks and Passive Optical Networking (PON) over p2p or point-to-multipoint networks. In the Netherlands, Reggefiber seems to have pushed the market towards the former, but PON cannot be ruled out for future deployments. There is no consensus on which option is best, and even attributing cost advantages to PON, and bandwidth advantages to AON, is ...

Three reasons for operators to launch OTT services

19 Jul 2010 - RB21017 - Brief - Tim Poulus - Broadcast, Internet

Operators are reluctant to embrace over-the-top (OTT) services. Google and others are mostly seen as competitors. There are however pressing reasons for operators, both the incumbent cable operators and others, to embrace OTT. In this Research Brief, the fourth in our ongoing series devoted to OTT, we explore these ...

Google TV: lots to offer

09 Jun 2010 - RB21015 - Brief - Tim Poulus - Broadcast, Internet

In our third Research Brief devoted to Connected TV and over-the-top (OTT) content, we examine the characteristics and chances for Google TV. While the video market is exploding, new players enter the market and convergent offerings contribute to complexity. The most important driver for OTT, or the Connected TV, is the growing amount of available content. The couch potato issue is OTT's fiercest inhibitor. Google TV is an open platform that is brought to market with a large number of ...

Google's 'acquhires' to enhance portfolio

04 May 2010 - RB21009 - Brief - Tim Poulus - Broadcast, Internet, Mobile

Google has acquired a dozen companies within the last six months. Takeovers have become an integral part its strategy and fortifies a wide variety of capabilities. In this research brief we look at the acquisitions since November 2009 and categorise them. Google is no longer focused on the computer alone, and now appears to focus on all 'three ...

KPN Q4 2009 revenue analysis shows improvements

01 Feb 2010 - RB21002 - Brief - Tim Poulus - Fixed, General, Internet, IT, Mobile

In this brief we analyse KPN's quarterly revenues, since the launch of the Back To Growth strategy, two years ago. We have been able to distinguish between 27 line items. Topline growth has been absent and may not return before 2012, but KPN has been laying the foundations for growth. Declining voice revenues now constitute only 12 percent of total revenues, whereas high-growth areas (mobile data, TV, Getronics) contribute 30 percent. Two years ago these numbers read 14 percent and 24 percent ...

Trends in mobile propositions around the globe

08 Dec 2009 - RB29035 - Brief - Alejandra van de Roer, Marion ter Welle - Mobile

This brief gives an overview of the trends and the main differences found between the various countries and propositions. A major difference lies in the type of plan offered in the high and low income countries. In the latter they are generally simpler with tangible incentives like money prizes. A global favourite are the family/friends plans which are offered in nearly all the countries researched. Both mobile data plans and hybrid plans (which combine aspects of postpaid and prepaid) are ...

Liberty Global increases leverage for Unitymedia

19 Nov 2009 - RB20932 - Brief - Tim Poulus - Broadcast, Fixed, Internet

Liberty Global's acquisition of Unitymedia adds a number two in Liberty's portfolio, which is now entering the German market. The German operator adds 4.55 million customers for a total of 21.1 million. Looking at the leverage target that Liberty sets for itself, it could still add around EUR 5 billion in debt, not counting the EBITDA contribution and synergy benefits of any takeover. In this brief we look at possible takeover targets and focus on Ziggo, which we value at EUR 5.2 billion, based ...

Connected TV allows operators to benefit from OTT content

02 Nov 2009 - RB29029 - Brief - Tim Poulus - Broadcast, Internet

The Connected TV is best described as a broadband-enabled TV, via either a set-top- box or built-in technology. For telecom operators, the added broadband consumption is something to reckon with, but it also creates an opportunity for them to differentiate their current me-too triple play offerings. Also, they can add new revenue streams from sources such as VoD and advertising. Being able to offer over-the-top content to the TV screen is the most important driver, but the couch potato issue ...

Application Stores

15 May 2009 - RB29014 - Brief - Tim Poulus - Internet, Mobile

Applications are part of operators' data strategies. Apple opened up the market for apps and app stores, operators, software makers and vendors have followed. Applications and app stores are branching out in new directions, such as widgets. Operators share revenues with third-parties for opening up the content market. Hurdles remain, mainly a lack of ease-of-use, but here widgets come to the rescue. In this brief we explore recent developments around applications, app stores and operator ...

European spectrum auctions and re-allocations

30 Mar 2009 - RB29010 - Brief - Alejandra van de Roer - Mobile

Allocation and licensing of additional spectrum is a major theme in the telecoms sector. With the continued growth in network traffic load and demand for higher data rates the need for additional spectrum will remain. Main current spectrum issues include the re-farming of the GSM spectrum, the release of the 2.6 GHz band and the digital dividend. In some countries actions and re-allocation have already occurred, while other countries are in the process or consultation phase. For a number of ...

Mobile VoIP demands revenue rebalancing

24 Mar 2009 - RB29008 - Brief - Tim Poulus - Internet, Mobile

LTE will be the de facto 4G standard, with TeliaSonera and Verizon as early adopters. The standard is IP-centric, reducing voice to 'just another' application and voice as a VoIP service is expected to be available from 2012/2013. Until then, and probably for many years thereafter, traditional circuit-switched voice will be offered over GSM. Mobile operators have their high- priced legacy international voice revenues in particular to lose, whereas Apple and Nokia may speed up transition to ...

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