Research Team Members

Ed Achterberg


Ed Achterberg founded Telecompaper in 2000. He focuses on providing in-depth analysis of trends in the Western European industry, covering both the mobile and fixed/broadband markets. Prior to Telecompaper, Ed was a telecom consultant since 1995, focusing on telecom law and regulation, numbering, interconnection and number porting, working with operators such as BEN, Dutchtone, Enertel, Callmax, BT/Telfort and others. He has a Master of Science degree from the Technische Universiteit Delft.

Kamiel Albrecht

Research analyst

Kamiel Albrecht has been working for Telecompaper since March 2002 and focuses on the Dutch broadband, fixed telephony and TV markets, keeping a close eye on the developments with regards to cable, FTTH and DSL as well as managed VoIP, IPTV, and OTT services impacting those markets. This cumulates in three quarterly reports as well as regular background articles and commentaries. He is also focused on the developments in Austria, Switzerland and Germany, using know-how gathered as a news editor for the German-speaking countries in the first nine years of his period as Telecompaper employee. This knowledge is used to publish the German Mobile Operators and Austrian Mobile Operators reports, as well as several background articles and commentaries and ad-hoc projects. Kamiel holds a BA in Information Services and Management (IDM) from the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen. Kamiel is fluent in Dutch, English, French and German.

Victor Barnar

Researcher / Database specialist

Victor started working for Telecompaper in 2011. After studying Public Administration and Public Policy at the University of Twente he worked as an entrepreneur for several years before switching to telecom in 2007. The next four years he held managing positions in telecom retail stores for T-Mobile and Telfort. At Telecompaper Victor is responsible for several mobile and fixed reports for both the consumer and business market. He also runs Telecompaper subsidiary DeLaagsteRekening.nl. This is a consumer website where visitors can search for the ideal mobile subscription match that suits their needs. Besides the mobile consumer market Victor is also an expert on IoT, especially the technical part has his attention. Victor is fluent in Dutch and English.

Erik Compter

Managing editor / Research analyst

Erik Compter has been working for Telecompaper since November 2000 and is involved in all parts of the company: news, research and events. He is responsible for quality and content of the Dutch news section of Telecompaper, and also writes news stories, background articles and market commentaries. Erik conducts research on the Dutch FTTH and broadband market, which leads to monthly and annual reports on fiber developments and several background articles. Erik is also responsible for the business report Telecompaper is making quarterly. Besides news and research Erik also is very active for the Telecompaper events. He is the main contact for all speakers and speaker requests. Erik holds a bachelor's degree in Information Services and Management (IDM) from the Hogeschool Brabant in Tilburg. He is fluent in Dutch and English.

Bart Garvelink


Bart joined the Telecompaper team in 2008. As a full time staff writer, he contributes to the daily news feeds, mainly in Dutch but also in English. Away from the beat, his area of expertise is in regulations, litigation and government policy. The reporting on Dutch regulator ACM and the European Institutions feeds into research publications and market insights. Apart from that he also takes to stories about "Pots & Pans" – Plain Old Telephone Systems & Pretty Amazing New Stuff. Or in plain language, network technology. Bart holds a bachelor's degree in Journalism. Prior to his work for Telecompaper, he worked as an editor in fields as diverse as general interest science magazines, private banking and automotive short copy. Bart is fluent in Dutch and English

Wiebe Hotte


Wiebe Hötte joined Telecompaper in March 2010. In his research role he has a special focus on the Dutch business telecom market/players and is tracking the consumer market in Belgium (both market developments and promotions). In the mobile segment, he is following the MVNO-markets in The Netherlands and some European countries and analyses operator's promotions focused on the SoHo-market. Furthermore, he contributes data analyses and news selections to several customers' projects. In addition, he writes background articles about operators in the business market and developments in the IoT segment. Prior to Telecompaper, he worked for 4 years at The Boston Consulting Group affiliated to the Technology, Media & Telecommunications Practise. At BCG, he supported several international case teams on telecom operators (mainly incumbents), Consumer Electronics manufacturers and IT providers. Before BCG, he had some research positions in the banking sector, executive search and investment/restructuring industry. Wiebe holds a BA in Information Studies (IDM) at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and speaks Dutch, English and German.

Bart Kooning

Market Research

Bart is our expert on Consumer Insights and responsible for our market survey. His main focus is the Dutch TMT sector.

Tim Poulus

Financial analyst

Tim Poulus has been with Telecompaper since 2008. Financial analyses of quarterly results are his primary focus. As a result, he maintains a large database containing operational and financial data of numerous companies. Other areas of interest and expertise include developments in next-generation access networking (fibre, LTE, WiFi), over-the-top services and connected TV. Tim contributes to Telecompaper's annual FTTH report and semi-annual reports on the Dutch mobile and OTT markets. Tim also functions as spokes person for Telecompaper, commenting in the press, on radio and TV on big news items in the telecom sector. Before joining Telecompaper, Tim worked at IRIS Research, an investment analysis firm that was part of the Robeco Group. He has been tracking the TMT markets since 1999. Tim has a bachelor's degree in physics and he is a registered investment analyst (RBA). He is fluent in Dutch, English and German.

Marion ter Welle

Research analyst

Marion ter Welle joined Telecompaper in 2009. She works on several research projects, mostly related to the mobile sector. Marion conducts research on the mobile markets in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK as well as the MVNO markets in various countries. She is also a regular contributor to Telecompaper's weekly backgrounds concerning the mobile payments/mobile financial industry and the overall IoT market. Before joining Telecompaper Marion worked at Spencer Stuart in the Netherlands, as the Industrials Information Specialist. Prior to that she lived in London where she worked for Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Morley Fund Management in various Information Specialist roles. Marion holds an MSc in Human Geography from the University of Amsterdam and an MSc in Information Science from City University London. She is fluent in Dutch, English and French.

Alejandra van de Roer

Research analyst

Alejandra van de Roer joined Telecompaper as a research analyst in 2008. She is responsible for delivering in-depth analysis on emerging trends across the Western European industry as they mainly relate to the mobile telecom field. In this role she focuses on areas such as operator's performance, pricing, competitive landscape, consumer/ business market segment and MVNO analysis, but also helps clients with ad-hoc project requests. Prior to joining Telecompaper, Alejandra worked for 7 years at IDC's Telecommunications and Networking department. At IDC she focused on Western European research in several areas of network equipment and business network services . Before joining IDC she worked as an intern for Motorola US to perform her final graduation thesis. Alejandra van de Roer has a bachelor's degree in international business and languages from the HEAO in Den Bosch, and is fluent in Spanish, Dutch, and English.

Tim Wijkman

Managing Editor / Researcher / Device Analyst

Tim started the website ‘GSM Helpdesk’ in 2004 in order to live out his passion for mobile phones, while still studying ICT and Multimedia at the Grafisch Lyceum in Eindhoven. His mission: to make mobile telephony accessible and understandable for everyone. Tim continued his studies at the Fontys teachers school in Tilburg, studying economics, but the website was already showing enough potential to become a commercial success. While working three years as an economics teacher, Tim continued his unrelenting work on GSM Helpdesk and eventually in 2010 decided to devote himself full-time to the business. In 2014 Tim chose Telecompaper as the best partner to help develop GSM Helpdesk and its underlying handset base further, both as a commercial offering and a research tool. Since then Tim is researcher, managing editor and device analyst at Telecompaper, with extensive expertise in the Dutch consumer market and network technology, as well as mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Tim speaks Dutch, English and German.

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